Orlando's Naval Training Center Quick Facts:

  • First commissioned in 1968
  • Trained more than 650,000 sailors
  • Brought over $500M annually into local economy
  • Bluejacket Park is located on former Naval Training Center grounds
  • There’s no official memorial to honor its legacy
  • The Navy League needs your support

Navy Memorial of Central Florida

Celebrating the legacy of Orlando’s Naval Training Center
and the courage of those who served their country

The Navy League of the United States - Central Florida Council is raising funds to donate a patriotic Lone Sailor Statue to the City of Orlando to demonstrate gratitude to those who served at the Naval Training Center of Orlando for over three decades. The monument of the Lone Sailor will serve as a reminder of the legacy of the Navy’s presence in Central Florida, as well as an inspiration to those who are currently serving and will serve in the United States Navy.

The Lone Sailor patriotic statue will become a symbol of appreciation to the service men and women who served in the U.S. Navy for voluntarily putting their lives at risk to protect freedom and provide national security. Once the statue is in place, it will inspire today’s youth to serve their country while honoring veterans for their service around the world.

The Lone Sailor represents core values of honor, courage and commitment—all of which are tenets of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Memorial will be located in the City of Orlando at Bluejacket Park in the old “grinder” area of the former Orlando Navy Recruit Training Center.

Much benefit can be drawn from this project for years to come, as the Lone Sailor and Naval Training Center Memorial site will be available for use for official commemorative services, veterans’ organizations, and civic groups for a wide variety of special events, ceremonies and patriotic services.

Orlando needs this Navy Memorial and the community’s support is needed to make it a reality. The Navy League wants you to share our dream of bringing the Lone Sailor to Orlando to celebrate the legacy of the Naval Training Center.

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